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Coworking at Hamilton Place, Chattanooga

Our location

Our coworking space is in the sweet spot between industrial facilities and the main shopping and dining area of Chattanooga. It is close to the airport and easy to reach by car – once here  you can easily walk a block for lunch and grocery options or work out in the near gym.

The building was completed and put into operation in 2020. It was planned to be energy-efficient and largely generates the required energy by photovoltaics itself. The three areas office, workshop and lounge were planned and equipped with special coworking needs in mind.

What is coworking?

Coworking means that you can work when and where you want. Coworking means that you can work how and with whom you want. For us, coworking also means that you can work as you do in the city even though you live in the country.

We have everything you need. Thanks to the digital infrastructure, the spacious rooms and the modern equipment, our coworking space offers the perfect space for you and your ideas.


Work how you want, when you want.

Our coworking space offers modern amenities in the heart of Chattanooga. Visit with a day pass for $25, or book monthly from $125.


Ready for any discussion, any time.

We’re ready to host your professional event or meeting of any size. Find space hourly from $30.


Your party, your way.

Make DSTATION CreativeSpace the site of your next big party. Booking is available from $250.

Plenty of room for ideas

Any work environment should provide flexibility for an agile mind. At DSTATION CreativeSpace, you can work alone or in a team, book a room for meetings, make phone calls or participate in video conferences. Besides coffee and tea, we offer fast Wi-Fi, adjustable-height desks, monitors, scanners, a 3-D printer and workbenches.


Interior and exterior spaces for different purposes and team sizes.

Personal offices

Flexible offices with individual 24/7 access control.


Charge your electric car. The power is supplied by our solar system on the roof.


Besides optimal office equipment we also offer you a fully equipped workshop to realize your ideas.

Coffee & Tea

You can get your favorite drink (fair use) in our lounge.

Food & Snacks

You can keep your food chilled and prepare it during breaks in our lounge.

Rooftop Terrace

Large rooftop terrace with seating options and bbq.

Phone areas

Make phone calls with privacy and without disturbing others.

In addition, we offer an event space for up to 50 people as well as storage rooms and car parking spaces.

A Coworking

An ecosystem of freelancers, creative professionals and companies is growing at DSTATION CreativeSpace. Our community of thinkers and doers acts as an organic accelerator.

Choose between Day Pass, Month Pass Basic or Premium and Event Location. Various extras complete your membership.

A party takes place in the lounge at a coworking space

Deine Mitgliedschaft

Auf unserem Campus wächst ein Ökosystem von Selbstständigen, kreativen Köpfen und Unternehmen. Schließlich liegt der Wert des DSTATION KreativCampus in der Interaktion von Denkenden und Machenden, die gemeinsam die Welt von morgen gestalten.

Wähle zwischen Tagesticket, Monatsticket Basic oder Premium und Retreat-Aufenthalt. Diverse Extras vervollständigen deine Mitgliedschaft.


20 /Tag
  • Arbeiten im Flex-Bereich
  • Teilnahme an Community-Events
  • Mengenrabatt (10 Tickets für 180 €)
  • Werkstattnutzung (nach Absprache)


Monatsticket Basic
100 /Monat
  • Arbeiten im Flex-Bereich
  • Zugang während der Öffnungszeiten
  • Buchungsguthaben Räume (8 h/Monat)
  • Konditionen des Meetings-Tarifs
  • Teilnahme an Community-Events
  • Postadresse (20 €/Monat)
  • Rollcontainer (20 €/Monat)
  • Werkstattnutzung (nach Absprache)


Monatsticket Premium
200 /Monat
  • Persönlicher Arbeitsplatz
  • Zugang während der Öffnungszeiten
  • Buchungsguthaben Räume (20 h/Monat)
  • Konditionen des Meetings-Tarifs
  • Teilnahme an Community-Events
  • Höhenverstellbarer Schreibtisch
  • 24/7-Zugang (20 €/Monat)
  • Standardarbeitsplatz (10 €/Monat)
  • Premiumarbeitsplatz (20 €/Monat)
  • Postadresse (20 €/Monat)
  • Rollcontainer (20 €/Monat)
  • Werkstattnutzung (nach Absprache)


15 /Stunde zzgl. Raumgebühr
  • Raum bis 4 Personen (5 €/h)
  • Raum bis 6 Personen (10 €/h)
  • Raum bis 8 Personen (15 €/h)
  • Fernseher
  • Kaffee und Mineralwasser
  • Webcam
  • Moderationskoffer (5 €)
  • Beamer (5 €)
  • Flipchart (5 €)
  • außerhalb von Öffnungszeiten (10 €/h)


200 /4 Stunden und 25 Personen
  • Tische und Stühle (nach Absprache)
  • Küche
  • Fernseher und Beamer
  • Kaffee und Mineralwasser
  • Flipchat und Whiteboard
  • Moderationskoffer
  • Grill
  • Verlängerung (40 €/h)
  • Verpflegung (nach Absprache)
  • Soundsystem (nach Absprache)


50 /Tag
  • Separate Wohnung
  • Doppelbett
  • Bad mit Dusche
  • Wohnzimmer
  • Teeküche
  • Entertainment-Ausstattung
  • Coworking Tagesticket (20 €)
  • Mengenrabatt (7 Tickets für 300 €)
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