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Conference Space & Meeting Rooms

Professional Events at DSTATION CreativeSpace

We offer a variety of options for meeting rooms and conference space in Chattanooga. Our  modern, state-of-the-art facilities and flexible rooms can be arranged to suit any professional or private event. In addition, you and your guests are welcome to use all of our onsite amenities, including the kitchen and lounge space.

Conference booking and attendance is available to anyone, regardless of membership status. DSTATION CreativeSpace coworking members receive free booking credits to use each month.

Conference Rooms

Our conference rooms can seat groups of up to 12, and are suitable for team meetings, interviews, or similar professional events. We provide comfortable office chairs arranged around a traditional conference table, and blinds can be drawn for privacy.

All rooms are equipped with 4k 75” screens and sound hookups for your convenience, as well as whiteboard walls for your collaborative needs. Booking is available hourly or for full day reservations.

A group conducts a team meeting in a conference room.

Meeting & Training Rooms

Our flexible meeting rooms seat up to 10 and are great for all-purpose use. Like our conference rooms, DSTATION’s training spaces feature whiteboard walls, a 4K 75” screen, and audio hookup.

The rooms’ movable tables and chairs can be configured completely to suit your needs: A typical classroom-style 9-desk setup is available for training or teaching, or circle-style for discussions and seminars.

Booking is available hourly or for full day reservations.

A man leads a discussion in one of the conference spaces.

To get started with booking your space, click above or come by for a free tour.

If you have a bigger event in mind, we can suit that too. Check our event booking options for groups of up to 50, weekend/after-hours access, as well as whole facility reservation and rooftop terrace use.

Still have questions? Shoot us an email at, or call us at (423) 509-0268 during operating hours. Visit our FAQ for more information on coworking and events.