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Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have questions about DSTATION CreativeSpace, check out our FAQ below.

Coworking means working alongside others in a shared office environment. At DSTATION CreativeSpace, you can use our modern office space as your working ‘home base,’ and connect with other professionals, entrepreneurs, and students that make up our membership base.

We ask that you bring your own computer to use at DSTATION CreativeSpace.

If you’d like a little productivity boost, monthly members can add-on 4K or HD monitor rental, height-adjustable desks, and keyboard/mouse rental.

Office space at DSTATION CreativeSpace is shared among all our co-workers, but you’ll have your own personal desk. Monthly basic members are welcome to choose a new seat each day in the flexible seating area, while premium monthly members can choose a fixed space.

If you need to have a private conversation during your work day, phone rooms are freely available.

We have plenty of space in our parking lot here at DSTATION CreativeSpace for co-workers and event guests alike. Parking is free.

In addition to standard parking, we have electric vehicle charging spots available, with discounted charging for monthly members.

With a monthly pass premium, you’ll be able to leave your things at your fixed DSTATION desk overnight.

With a monthly pass basic, your desk space is flexible and we ask that you take your belongings with you at the end of each day.

Monthly members at any plan level are able to rent a lockable rolling box for private overnight storage. Check out the add-ons menu during your sign up to confirm your box rental, and a DSTATION team member will give you a key and tag on arrival.

Phone service and business address use are available as an add-on to your monthly membership.

DSTATION CreativeSpace staff are always present during office hours to receive your phone calls, and we’ll work with you to receive packages and mail as they arrive.

Your day pass will be billed on booking. Monthly memberships are renewed and billed automatically on the first of each month. 

Memberships purchased mid-month will be pro-rated for the first month of purchase, and billed on booking.

We’re happy to welcome you and all your coworkers to our office:

For one-on-one meetings, please have your guest purchase a Day Pass or ask staff to bill one to your account. 

For larger meetings, we recommend using your booking credits or reserving conference space. 

DSTATION CreativeSpace staff are present and ready to welcome you from 8am to 5pm each weekday. For keycard access outside of these hours, please add an access pass to your membership during checkout and see the office manager for your card.

Yes! We would love to provide a facility for your event of any kind. 

DSTATION has provided a place for private events like dinners and birthday parties, as well as professional events such as networking or meet-and-greets. For examples and records of past public events, check out our News section, or our social media.

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