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Media Kit

Our story

DSTATION CreativeSpace opened our purpose-built coworking space in early 2020, but we’re about so more than just coworking. We’re forming a professional community of innovators through events, teamwork, and involvement in the local area.

Beyond coworking, our space is available for conferences and public events. We use our location, and amenities to function as a community center, bringing professional events like networking and meet-and-greets to the Hamilton Place area. 

Sustainability is important to our mission. DSTATION has a rooftop solar panel array that helps power the building, and we offer priority charging spots for electric vehicles. Inside you’ll find a forest of plants (more than 60 in total) and even animals (like our pet betta Henry) creating a modern and naturalistic work environment. You can even go outside to our patio or rooftop seating area and experience the beauty of Chattanooga’s outdoors for yourself.


Our team

Christina (pictured) is the office manager at DSTATION CreativeSpace. Originally from Bavaria, Germany, Christina spreads our mission of community, sustainability, and business every daythrough her support and planning. She has lived in Chattanooga for over 5 years, and loves dressing up her adorable min-pin Taco—stop by the office and you may get to meet him!

Chloe is DSTATION’s communications manager. She works on our website and online presence, and in her free time she likes strategy games and reading at the office mini-library.

To reach our team, give us an email or phone call any time:



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