International Coworking Day

You may know August as back to school season, but here at DSTATION we’re celebrating a different occasion.

August 9th is International Coworking Day, and we observed the holiday in style with a BBQ luncheon on the rooftop terrace with all our coworkers.

If you haven’t heard of International Coworking Day, you might be surprised to find it’s been celebrated since 2005. That’s when the concept of coworking itself first came to be. originally created as a though exercise on the blog of a software engineer named Brad Neuburg, coworking has since come to fruition and caught on in a major way, with hundreds of coworking spaces around the world providing flexible office space to local entrepreneurs and professionals.

15 years later, spaces everywhere take the time to celebrate when August 9th rolls around each year: It’s almost like coworking’s birthday! DSTATION was no exception. We fired up the grill, brought snacks and drinks up to the roof, and enjoyed an afternoon of networking with our community members.

While International Coworking Day has come to a close, we’re already looking forward to next year’s celebration–and for new ways to provide the best coworking venue in Chattanooga to everyone we serve.

Happy coworking!