DSTATION CreativeSpace Supports Young Entrepreneurs

Chattanooga is a growing hub for startups and entrepreneurs. From our very own ‘Innovation District’ downtown to being home to some of the nation’s fastest internet, our city is the perfect place for business ideas to become reality. And it’s made even better with the amount of events targeted to young entrepreneurs.

One such of these events is the annual Inventanooga pitch contest. Put on by local school STEM and in partnership with other local educational enterprises, it’s a chance for Chattanooga’s young entrepreneurs to shine. Students, organized into teams, present their startup concepts and business plans in front of a panel of judges and receive advice and feedback to help them make their ideas a success. The winning teams are awarded a host of awesome prizes, with this year’s winners receiving scholarships towards further study at UTC.

DSTATION CreativeSpace is proud to be a part of the Chattanooga business community and to support the next generation of local entrepreneurs through a new partnership with Inventanooga. As a coworking space, we know just how important a good workspace is to helping an idea thrive. That’s why we’re offering Inventanooga’s winning teams a free month of coworking at our space, and full access to our community resources.

If you’re interest in watching the event and supporting our local community of young entrepreneurs, now is the time to get ready. Inventanooga 2022 will take place at UTC’s Tennessee Room (University Center) on Tuesday, December 13th. Tickets are available for free from EventBrite along with full information and a schedule of events, and a recording will be made available after the contest’s conclusion. And of course, keep an eye on the audience during the event—DSTATION’s own staff will be present to cheer on the presenters. We hope to see you there!

For further information about Inventanooga and more ways to get involved, visit https://sites.google.com/hcde.org/inventanooga/home.

Help us Give Back this Holiday Season

DSTATION CreativeSpace is making it easy for our coworkers to embrace the spirit of giving this holiday season. For the month of December, we’ll be holding a collection drive for a local animal shelter, the Chattanooga Humane Education Society.

Established in 1905, the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society has been providing services to our area for over 100 years. That’s a century of reuniting lost pets, providing low-cost vaccines, and helping our community’s stray animals find their forever homes.

Right now, the shelter animals are in need of fleece blankets, harnesses, cleaning supplies, and more. If you’re willing to give, feel free to check out the full list in our lounge! Items will be collected in the box in our lounge, and anything you’d like to donate will be much appreciated.

If you would like more ways to get involved with the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society, or want to make a monetary contribution, check out their website and social media pages!


We’re extending our donation drive for the Humane Educational Society through January, and adding some awesome prizes. When you donate toys, collars, blankets, or anything off our collection list, we’ll add your name to a raffle for a DSTATION CreativeSpace Day Pass or Meeting Room booking voucher.