4 Things you didn’t know about DSTATION CreativeSpace

A mug sits on the desk, with the text DSTATION printed on it.

Whether you’re a coworking regular or an occasional drop in, you probably already know quite a few things about DSTATION CreativeSpace. Like that we have offer free coffee and tea, or that you can add 24/7 building access codes to your premium subscription. But there are a few more hidden secrets about our coworking space that even the most dedicated DSTATION fans might not know: Read on to find out!

1. Where to find out second location:

Even the most dedicated DSTATION coworkers might not know this one: DSTATION CreativeSpace’s second location is set in the picturesque village of Schöppenstedt, Germany, amidst the rolling hills and farms of rural Lower Saxony. But don’t let the charming setting fool you—DSTATION Schöppenstedt is outfitted with every modern convince, bringing the perks of coworking to the countryside. The campus is composed of an authentic half-timbered farmhouse and several surrounding buildings where you can work, meet, and even spend the night!

DSTATION “KreativCampus”, as it’s called in German, also hosts regular social events focused on sustainable development and rural infrastructure. For the people of Schöppenstedt, a town of only 5,000, it’s both a community center and an invaluable resource.

While none of our coworkers have ever ventured as far as our second location, we’d love to see someone try. Day passes at DSTATION Schöppenstedt are 20 euros, and a one-night stay in the self-serviced farmhouse apartment costs €50. For more information, check out their website and follow their Instagram page!

2. The names of all our mascots:

Most regular coworkers at DSTATION CreativeSpace have met Taco. Our unofficial mascot, this rambunctious miniature pinscher sometimes visits the office to check up on his human, the office manager Christina. Taco loves dressing up—he’s got his own wardrobe with dozens of outfits to match the season! (His “best coworker ever” hoodie might be the cutest, though.) Want to meet Taco for yourself? Your best chance is in the afternoon on Fridays.

Aside from Taco, we’ve got a second mascot. The newest addition to the DSTATION family is a blue betta fish named Henry. Henry came to DSTATION in December, and has already made himself at home in the office. His favorite foods are betta pellets and tropical flakes—if you’d like to feed him, ask Chloe or Christina just after we open or right before closing time!

Our third furry friend isn’t quite a pet: Harry Hopper is a wild rabbit who loves to hang out in the backyard. First sighted last year, Harry comes around when the weather is nice and chows down on fresh grass and clover. For your best chance to meet Harry Hopper, hang out on the patio once things warm up!

3. ...How to use the coffee machine:

While unlimited free coffee and tea is one of the perks at DSTATION, the coffee machine takes some getting used to.

The coffee maker’s main feat is espresso: just grab a cup out of the cabinet, sit it on the tray, and touch the espresso button. If it’s not enough coffee for you, feel free to make a second one into your cup, or touch the ‘espresso lungo’ (long espresso) button instead.

The coffee maker’s other offerings work in the same way, but take note if you’d like to make a cappuccino or a flat white: It’ll need the milk carafe, which we keep in the cabinet or drawer. Grab some milk out of the fridge, fill up the container, and plug it in where the black plug is on the machine’s front.

You can also use the espresso machine to make hot water for tea or cocoa. Pull out the plug on the front of the machine, and follow the on-screen instructions.

4. The best places nearby to shop, eat, and relax:

Everyone needs a break now and then, and here at DSTATION we’re all about work-life balance. So when it’s time to kick back and take a breather, where do you go? Whether you’re from the immediate Hamilton place area or further around southeast Tennessee, you might not know all the best spots around our office:

For dining, Rain Thai Bistro is one of the most popular spots among our coworkers. It’s only a 2 minute drive away, or 5 minutes walking if you’d like to stretch your legs. Another favorite is Abuelo’s; This nearby Mexican spot is a favorite of the communications manager Chloe.

Of course, there’s also plenty of place around to shop and relax. The recently-opened Dave & Busters in the Hamilton Place Mall would make great after-hours fun, and Chattanooga Billiards Club is right next door to our office if you’d like to shoot some pool. For some self-care time, office manager Christina recommends Zen Nail Spa, where you can get a mani-pedi or spa treatment over a tasteful selection of drinks.

As you can see, even DSTATION regulars might have a few things to learn about our space. Know any good secrets we missed listing here, or have an insiders-only tip you want to let your coworkers in on? Let us know and we’ll add it! And if you aren’t a member yet, check out our membership options and other amenities. We offer coworking, meeting space, and event venues right here in Chattanooga—swing by any time for a tour!