4 Things you didn’t know about DSTATION CreativeSpace

A mug sits on the desk, with the text DSTATION printed on it.

Whether you’re a coworking regular or an occasional drop in, you probably already know quite a few things about DSTATION CreativeSpace. Like that we have offer free coffee and tea, or that you can add 24/7 building access codes to your premium subscription. But there are a few more hidden secrets about our coworking space that even the most dedicated DSTATION fans might not know: Read on to find out!

1. Where to find out second location:

Even the most dedicated DSTATION coworkers might not know this one: DSTATION CreativeSpace’s second location is set in the picturesque village of Schöppenstedt, Germany, amidst the rolling hills and farms of rural Lower Saxony. But don’t let the charming setting fool you—DSTATION Schöppenstedt is outfitted with every modern convince, bringing the perks of coworking to the countryside. The campus is composed of an authentic half-timbered farmhouse and several surrounding buildings where you can work, meet, and even spend the night!

DSTATION “KreativCampus”, as it’s called in German, also hosts regular social events focused on sustainable development and rural infrastructure. For the people of Schöppenstedt, a town of only 5,000, it’s both a community center and an invaluable resource.

While none of our coworkers have ever ventured as far as our second location, we’d love to see someone try. Day passes at DSTATION Schöppenstedt are 20 euros, and a one-night stay in the self-serviced farmhouse apartment costs €50. For more information, check out their website and follow their Instagram page!

2. The names of all our mascots:

Most regular coworkers at DSTATION CreativeSpace have met Taco. Our unofficial mascot, this rambunctious miniature pinscher sometimes visits the office to check up on his human, the office manager Christina. Taco loves dressing up—he’s got his own wardrobe with dozens of outfits to match the season! (His “best coworker ever” hoodie might be the cutest, though.) Want to meet Taco for yourself? Your best chance is in the afternoon on Fridays.

Aside from Taco, we’ve got a second mascot. The newest addition to the DSTATION family is a blue betta fish named Henry. Henry came to DSTATION in December, and has already made himself at home in the office. His favorite foods are betta pellets and tropical flakes—if you’d like to feed him, ask Chloe or Christina just after we open or right before closing time!

Our third furry friend isn’t quite a pet: Harry Hopper is a wild rabbit who loves to hang out in the backyard. First sighted last year, Harry comes around when the weather is nice and chows down on fresh grass and clover. For your best chance to meet Harry Hopper, hang out on the patio once things warm up!

3. ...How to use the coffee machine:

While unlimited free coffee and tea is one of the perks at DSTATION, the coffee machine takes some getting used to.

The coffee maker’s main feat is espresso: just grab a cup out of the cabinet, sit it on the tray, and touch the espresso button. If it’s not enough coffee for you, feel free to make a second one into your cup, or touch the ‘espresso lungo’ (long espresso) button instead.

The coffee maker’s other offerings work in the same way, but take note if you’d like to make a cappuccino or a flat white: It’ll need the milk carafe, which we keep in the cabinet or drawer. Grab some milk out of the fridge, fill up the container, and plug it in where the black plug is on the machine’s front.

You can also use the espresso machine to make hot water for tea or cocoa. Pull out the plug on the front of the machine, and follow the on-screen instructions.

4. The best places nearby to shop, eat, and relax:

Everyone needs a break now and then, and here at DSTATION we’re all about work-life balance. So when it’s time to kick back and take a breather, where do you go? Whether you’re from the immediate Hamilton place area or further around southeast Tennessee, you might not know all the best spots around our office:

For dining, Rain Thai Bistro is one of the most popular spots among our coworkers. It’s only a 2 minute drive away, or 5 minutes walking if you’d like to stretch your legs. Another favorite is Abuelo’s; This nearby Mexican spot is a favorite of the communications manager Chloe.

Of course, there’s also plenty of place around to shop and relax. The recently-opened Dave & Busters in the Hamilton Place Mall would make great after-hours fun, and Chattanooga Billiards Club is right next door to our office if you’d like to shoot some pool. For some self-care time, office manager Christina recommends Zen Nail Spa, where you can get a mani-pedi or spa treatment over a tasteful selection of drinks.

As you can see, even DSTATION regulars might have a few things to learn about our space. Know any good secrets we missed listing here, or have an insiders-only tip you want to let your coworkers in on? Let us know and we’ll add it! And if you aren’t a member yet, check out our membership options and other amenities. We offer coworking, meeting space, and event venues right here in Chattanooga—swing by any time for a tour!

DSTATION CreativeSpace Supports Young Entrepreneurs

Chattanooga is a growing hub for startups and entrepreneurs. From our very own ‘Innovation District’ downtown to being home to some of the nation’s fastest internet, our city is the perfect place for business ideas to become reality. And it’s made even better with the amount of events targeted to young entrepreneurs.

One such of these events is the annual Inventanooga pitch contest. Put on by local school STEM and in partnership with other local educational enterprises, it’s a chance for Chattanooga’s young entrepreneurs to shine. Students, organized into teams, present their startup concepts and business plans in front of a panel of judges and receive advice and feedback to help them make their ideas a success. The winning teams are awarded a host of awesome prizes, with this year’s winners receiving scholarships towards further study at UTC.

DSTATION CreativeSpace is proud to be a part of the Chattanooga business community and to support the next generation of local entrepreneurs through a new partnership with Inventanooga. As a coworking space, we know just how important a good workspace is to helping an idea thrive. That’s why we’re offering Inventanooga’s winning teams a free month of coworking at our space, and full access to our community resources.

If you’re interest in watching the event and supporting our local community of young entrepreneurs, now is the time to get ready. Inventanooga 2022 will take place at UTC’s Tennessee Room (University Center) on Tuesday, December 13th. Tickets are available for free from EventBrite along with full information and a schedule of events, and a recording will be made available after the contest’s conclusion. And of course, keep an eye on the audience during the event—DSTATION’s own staff will be present to cheer on the presenters. We hope to see you there!

For further information about Inventanooga and more ways to get involved, visit https://sites.google.com/hcde.org/inventanooga/home.

Help us Give Back this Holiday Season

DSTATION CreativeSpace is making it easy for our coworkers to embrace the spirit of giving this holiday season. For the month of December, we’ll be holding a collection drive for a local animal shelter, the Chattanooga Humane Education Society.

Established in 1905, the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society has been providing services to our area for over 100 years. That’s a century of reuniting lost pets, providing low-cost vaccines, and helping our community’s stray animals find their forever homes.

Right now, the shelter animals are in need of fleece blankets, harnesses, cleaning supplies, and more. If you’re willing to give, feel free to check out the full list in our lounge! Items will be collected in the box in our lounge, and anything you’d like to donate will be much appreciated.

If you would like more ways to get involved with the Chattanooga Humane Educational Society, or want to make a monetary contribution, check out their website and social media pages!


We’re extending our donation drive for the Humane Educational Society through January, and adding some awesome prizes. When you donate toys, collars, blankets, or anything off our collection list, we’ll add your name to a raffle for a DSTATION CreativeSpace Day Pass or Meeting Room booking voucher.

Halloween at DSTATION

Here at DSTATION, we’re all about work/life balance. And what better way to kick off the week than with an awesome coworking Halloween party?

Our coworkers arrived to find the office transformed into a spooky Halloween wonderland, with spiderwebs, ghosts, and plenty of candy to go around. It was the perfect occasion to put a (not too) scary movie on the lounge television and enjoy some quality relaxation time. A few enthusiastic coworkers even arrived in costume!

We always make sure to celebrate the seasons in style at our office, so keep an eye on our news page for latest updates!

International Coworking Day

You may know August as back to school season, but here at DSTATION we’re celebrating a different occasion.

August 9th is International Coworking Day, and we observed the holiday in style with a BBQ luncheon on the rooftop terrace with all our coworkers.

If you haven’t heard of International Coworking Day, you might be surprised to find it’s been celebrated since 2005. That’s when the concept of coworking itself first came to be. originally created as a though exercise on the blog of a software engineer named Brad Neuburg, coworking has since come to fruition and caught on in a major way, with hundreds of coworking spaces around the world providing flexible office space to local entrepreneurs and professionals.

15 years later, spaces everywhere take the time to celebrate when August 9th rolls around each year: It’s almost like coworking’s birthday! DSTATION was no exception. We fired up the grill, brought snacks and drinks up to the roof, and enjoyed an afternoon of networking with our community members.

While International Coworking Day has come to a close, we’re already looking forward to next year’s celebration–and for new ways to provide the best coworking venue in Chattanooga to everyone we serve.

Happy coworking!

6 Hidden Benefits of Coworking

A conference room with plants and a window, surrounded by glass walls.

More and more professionals are kicking the home office in favor of a desk at a coworking space. No wonder: It’s a great way to access modern & comfortable workspace on-demand, plus awesome perks like free coffee and snacks.

But there are more benefits to coworking than just what meets the eye. Read on to find six insiders-only perks of working at a coworking space: Once you know, you’ll never be able to go back to the home office again.

1. Save on gas

Commuting is a part of everyday life: Whether you’re in the city or the suburbs, odds are you have a long drive tacked on to your already-tiring workday. In fact, the average commute is nearly half an hour each way, according to the 2021 census.
Whether your commute is long or short, by bus or by car, it’s probably not your favorite part of the day. But there is a solution: Coworking spaces are often located closer to where you live, letting you skip the commute and get to work (and back home) a lot faster.

Not only that, but you can make use of nearby/onsite amenities like restaurants and gyms during breaks: even more reason to kick the car and can your commute for good. Your wallet—and the planet—will thank you.

2. Make new connections

Coworking spaces provide more than just a desk: You’ll also gain access to an awesome community of like-minded local professionals. Enjoy water-cooler conversations with students, artists, and entrepreneurs alike as you connect across industry lines. It’s the ultimate networking opportunity.

Coworking spaces usually offer either fixed desk rental or ‘hot desking,’ where you pick a new seat each day: either setup provides a good chance of getting to know your desk-neighbor.

Even if you aren’t interested in a full membership, check out your local coworking space’s event calendar and see what’s new. These spaces often function like community centers, offering networking events, seminars, and meet and greets with local industry leaders. That’s in addition to work-break events like meditation, group lunches, or happy hour.

3. Win at work-life balance

Work-life balance is always a struggle, and doubly so for those working from home. You might not have a professional background available when it’s time to turn on the camera, or your neighbor might start mowing in the middle of your big presentation. Or maybe your internet speeds are less-than-ideal: Nothing beats lagging out and disconnecting from your annual performance review.

If you’re struggling with keeping the line through “work/life” in your home office, it might be time to give coworking a try. You’ll have lightning-fast internet connection and ready-made professional environment for conference calls. Want to get back into your in-person groove? Coworking spaces usually offer rentable meeting spaces that are sure to impress even the most stalwart of clients.

Either way, coworking gives you the freedom dress however you like. Wear whatever’s comfortable and rock your workday with one less thing to worry about.

4. Skip the suit and tie

Pressed pants? Matching tie? Polished shoes? Working in an office with a strict dress code can be difficult. Make the move to coworking, and workplace-attire worries will be a thing of the past. Coworking spaces are meant to be casual, comfortable ‘home away from home’ work environments, so don’t sweat the slacks and come to work as you are.

Work-from-homers, we haven’t forgotten you: Getting up and heading to your coworking office can be just the nudge you need to ditch the pajama pants and dust off your favorite blazer. If business casual is your style, a trip to the coworking office is the perfect excuse to rock it!

Either way, coworking gives you the freedom dress however you like. Wear whatever’s comfortable and rock your workday with one less thing to worry about.

5. Be more flexible

Whether you’re currently in-office or working from home, there are limits on how you can work. Coworking, on the other hand, lets you work whenever you want, however you want.

Want to clock in super early? Go for it. Want to burn the midnight oil and put in some overtime? Totally up to you. Depending on your coworking space’s policies, you can have 24 hour access to facilities and perks.

The good news doesn’t end there. Coworking lets you set your own schedule from the ground up:  you can check out for a quick walk, take an extra-long lunch, or call it a half-day and head home early—all on your own terms.  When it’s time to put in the hours, you can choose to work all day without any interruption.

Whether you’re a coworking veteran or just thinking of trying it out, there’s always something new to learn about this exciting way to work.  At DSTATION CreativeSpace, we offer coworking opportunities that provide all these benefits and more. Looking to rework your workday? Check out our main site, or visit our socials for an up-close look at Chattanooga’s coolest coworking spot.

Meet Author Amanda Cox

The lounge and kitchen area at DSTATION

Chattanooga is home to some amazing talent, and the arts are no exception. Next week at DSTATION, we’re lucky to be hosting author Amanda Cox at our space for a meet-and greet.

A Tennessee local, Amanda is a published contemporary/historical fiction author who has written several popular titles, including “The Edge of Belonging” and “Secret Keepers of Old Depot Grocery.” Before starting her career as a novelist, Amanda worked as a counsellor, but says that her first love has always been communicating through stories.

Whether you’re thinking of writing your own novel, or are just curious about what it takes to land your work on a shelf, we welcome you to come and visit. Attendees be able to chat with Amanda about her work and gain insight into the life of a professional author. She will also be answering questions about what it’s like to write a book, and how to get started for those with an interest in writing. Light refreshments will be provided.

Attendance is free and open to anyone, but be sure to RSVP on our events calendar. The event will take place on Monday, January 25th, from 6:00 to 7:30pm.

We look forward to seeing you all!

Speed Networking

Two people speak in a hallway

Last week from 6pm-7pm, DSTATION held an exciting event for Chattanooga’s innovation crowd: Speed networking.

If you haven’t heard of it, speed networking is a fast-paced way to streamline the networking process. Focused on making a lot of new contacts in a short time, speed networking is a great way to establish new contacts. Not only is it effective, it’s a ton of fun. Our visitors had a great evening connecting with other professionals over coffee and light refreshments in our coworking space.

We were happy to welcome so many members and new faces to our space last week. If you weren’t able to make it to the event, don’t worry: DSTATION be bringing more networking and professional events to our space in the future. Keep an eye on our socials to be the first to find out about future opportunities.

Liked the event and want to keep the vibe going? Sign up for a membership and you’ll (be able to keep meeting people) as a member of our awesome community.

We look forward to seeing you!

CSBN Rooftop Networking

Looking for an opportunity to connect with other local professionals? DSTATION has an exciting event coming up next week, hosted in coordination with CSBN.

On September 29th, we welcome anyone with an interest to our venue for an evening of networking and light refreshments. You’ll be able to enjoy great views from our rooftop terrace, music, and more as you meet with people and chat.

We’ll also be hosting a prize giveaway: 10 lucky winners will receive free day passes for coworking at DSTATION.

Attendance is free and open to members and non-members alike, so please stop by. The event will take place from 6:00-7:00pm at our venue in Hamilton Place. We look forward to seeing you!

If you want to be notified of events like this in the future, follow our social media pages and keep up with our news. Thinking of hosting your own professional or private event? Check out our available spaces today.